JR & SR Tackle Banquet

We are excited to share that we have reserved October 22nd and 23rd for our end of year banquets.  We will host the Junior Division on Monday the 22nd and Senior Division on the 23rd at Glen Sanders Mansion.  You will find the reservation forms attached to this email.

Each year we are asked why we do not host the banquet in our hometown.  After weeks of calling every banquet hall and restaurant locally, there is no facility that can house the number of guests that we need to host.  Each year we do our research as we would love to host this locally, but it just does not work out.  We have been fortunate that Glen Sanders is close to us and gives us an unbelievable price for the value we receive.  In addition, many ask what the proceeds of the JP concession stand are spent on.  Please note the drastically reduced price!  We were able to subsidize the pricing of our banquet by using the proceeds of the concession stand.  This is why it is so important that our football families volunteer at the stand during the games!

We are looking forward to celebrating the season’s end with our football family!

Registration Forms: Jr Tackle: 2018 Banquet Form_JR Sr Tackle: 2018 Banquet Form_SR

Go Plainsmen!

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